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In the modern world, when men and women are growing up equally and competing against each other, period stigmatization should be severed. It’s very sad to declare that even in the most modern areas of our society have it, saying loud about period is still a bad thing. And these stigmatization lead women where they are unknown to their body functions.
So, first of all let me clear, period is not a disease or not something to feel ashamed for just because it’s source is your vagina. We have to break the long hold stigmatization on it.
Some places still don’t allow women to come inside house in their period. To their families, it’s a request to please understand their situation, it’s the time when she needs to be nursed and leaving her alone isn’t good as periods somehow affect our mind too due to excessive hormonal change.
To the women, who are using old clothes during periods, science has developed and come with many of such product who can ensure you a proper hygiene and without any leakage like menstrual caps. If not it, you can opt for pads. Whatever you are using make sure to not make it last more than 8 hours. And if you are not comfortable with any of these, always go for clean clothes.
Never forget a proper hygiene is absolutely necessary and a improper hygiene can lead to fatal disease like vaginal cancer.
Make sure to clean your vagina every day.
Take a shower and stay fresh.
Eating healthy foods during this period is necessary too as it takes a lot of blood, our body become weaker.
Drink water even if you are not thirsty as water make the blood flow better.
For period pain, you can use a hot bag or a bag full of hot water on your lower abdomen as it prevent any blood clots.
Try not to consume anything which can be caused of vast hormonal change as your body is already suffering from it.
Try to intake more food rich with iron to prevent anemia and have a good menstrual health.
Even if it’s the last thing you will want during periods, but stay active. Go for a mild yoga and exercise or a walk. Active body keep it’s blood flow easily.
Take rest, no need to make yourself do harsh activities. And to the family, try to support her in her pain.