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anshika agarwal
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Taking care of yourself on your period- menstrual hygiene
Menstrual hygiene is quite most important thing for women. During menstruation the body of women feels quite uncomfortable due to cramps and mood swings. Women should know their menstrual cycle properly. To minimize the discomfort there are alot of things that women should take care of. The first and the foremost thing is diet. Women eat a lot of carbs and sugary foods during their menstruation but they should avoid that and focus on more protein rich and healthy foods. Women should drink a lot of water to keep themselves hydrated all the time. To avoid iron deficiency they should take care of iron rich foods too. Women should properly rested. Trying to sleep more than your normal days is good as it will help in reducing cramps and make them energized when they wake up. Taking rest doesn’t means forgetting exercise. Women should do light yoga or exercise to boost themselves. Taking warm bath is also very effective in reducing cramps as well as in feeling good. Women can also use heat pads to reduce their pain. With that women should keep in mind of having a clean vagina. Using alot of scented products in their vagina can results in infections. They should make sure that they wash their vagina properly and protect it from getting any fungus bacteria. Women should use good quality sanitary products. This can help them in getting away from harmful bacterias. Women should use environment friendly sanitary products to save our environment. These basic self-care habuts should be adopted by every women and they should follow this and save them from having any kind of disease. Women should be made aware about these things.