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There exists a million women who are still dependent upon their families for their survival. Even the working women of the community are today relied upon their families. Families tend to fear sending their daughters away from them for their further studies too. Mostly, the reason a family chooses to not to send their daughters away is that there would be no one to take care of her health. Parents tend to get scared with the fact that their daughter would not be able to take care of herself alone.
Providing health insurance to women, would change the face of the mindsets of the families. With providing health insurance to women, women could be assured of their health and wellness even when alone in some other city. Health insurance should be a basic amenity provided to each and every human being living in the country. Everyone deserves to be assured that their health would not be sacrificed in anyway.
Women who’ve been trying hard to bring themselves up in this society, health insurance would strengthen each and every women struggling through her life.