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In today’s generation we will get to see very few of them who make it feminist marriage because we have society who thinks men should earn and women should be housewife. Gender inequality is major issue in our india than obviously their will be very few feminist marriage. In this marriage, basically we see that it must has equality, both are willingly want their partners to reach their goals. Both of them respect and treat each other equally. They be very happy with each other success in work life. Both support each other to follow their own goals and during household chores they work together as a team. It is Mirage to have feminist marriage because in our india women are the one who has to sacrifice lots of things before marriage their is no equality between men and women due to society tradition which only support men in every way and women don’t get support in career either in their childhood. Women are excepted to be housewife and family also don’t support her to follow her dreams to be independent like men. From old times it is like that only their is nothing equal in marriage men can do job after marriage but women are still excepted to leave their job after marriage. Why? Women also deserve to get treat equally like men. Feminist marriages will be only happen when society stop thinking that women are meant to be homemaker and take care of family. It is not like that women can do household work and taking care of their child. Both can do job and do household work together because not only one person is responsible in marriage both are equally responsible for the work towards their family and home. Society should start treating men and women equally. In marriage if both will respect and treat equally by working together towards their responsibility than their bond will get automatically stronger.