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Domestic violence is still a major issue that most of the women faces. But then also their is no decrease in cases of domestic violence. why? Because criminals are still not getting strict punishment to give them a lesson. In villages men used to beat their wife’s on roads but no one will stop him or call police to help her. And women in villages aren’t aware of their rights against domestic violence which they are facing from long time. Government need to make such organisation and free campaigns for such women who don’t aware of rights to fight back against domestic violence. Their is no protection for women to defend herself while going through violence but their is only way to defend that is self-defense. Women in villages should taught self-defense and it will happen only than when government will provide them free training centre of self-defense in villages who don’t even know about self-defense. This will help women to defend herself from domestic violence. Many women who tolerate violence because of society, family pressure and not being financial independent to avoid this their should be job facilities for women in villages so they can earn money and be independent than they don’t need to tolerate their husband violence anymore. In today’s generation also their are many cases are registered of domestic violence but their are some of the police station who don’t take action quickly towards culprit and some of the cases are ignored which leave criminal free to do more crimes and women don’t get justice. In Television also their are many serials that shows violence but non of them will take action against such kind of things that influences society. Their should have boundaries towards such things who gives wrong message or negative influence towards society. Government should create such boundaries and strict punishment for criminals who does violence with women and give them such lesson so that others will get scared and stop doing domestic violence against women.