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Yes, Self-defense training should be compulsory for girls so that they can defend herself in every situation. Because of increasing cases of rape, sexual harassment, child abuse, domestic violence, molestation, acid attack to fight back with such situation women need to have self-defense training. By learning self-defense it not only help them to fight back with every situation it will also help them to be fit and healthy for their daily work life. Girls can also learn different types of self-defense like boxing, karate, judo, wrestling, etc. This all are just types of self-defense girls can learn for herself to be confident and freely it is not compulsory to learn types of self-defense but girls should know atleast basics of self-defense. In schools also like sports they should make compulsory session of self-defense training for every girls to take initiative to learn self-defense. And from school onwards girls will atleast have basics of self-defense which may lead in decrease of child abuse. By fighting back with such situation will create some amount of fear in criminals mind. Girls who don’t get permission from parents to go outside at night because parents feel scared if their child lead with any kind of situation like Physical harassment but if girls will know about self-defense techniques than parents can atleast think to give permission to her daughter to go outside at night. This is what self-defense makes important in every girls life to feel free to go anywhere without getting scared. Girls who can’t attend any training of self-defense session they can also watch videos online because Now-a-days technology has become very fast that we can get many videos on youtube of self-defense by seeing that videos girls should must learn basics atleast. Government should arrange campaign and organisation for self-defense training in village for girls it will definitely help girls to learn self-defense.