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Access to education is the basic and universal right for everyone. But still the literacy rate of female is very low as compare to male, there are school for girls but Some traditional society people believe that there is no point in making girl educated because of end of we have to do marriage and handle the responsibility of the family and also some girls because of less resources, financial burden and family restrictions does not get the chance. Government has launch Many policies for making girl educated but the ground reality is very different even if girl register her name in school she is not regularly keep going to school. Everyone how much impact of education have in one’s life and career. Nobody gets easily if he is not learn basic education and now a days digital knowledge is also very essential. When a girl learns the whole generation get education but some people from society still appreciate our give permission to access to education. Some girls really strong they balance education and house responsibility but they never leave or hamper the study. Also there is no state in India where literacy rate of female is 100% . We are in 21st century but then also some girls do not get the access to education. Education also comes in basic needs for survival, if girl is educated she doesn’t have to depend on male member she can handle all finance and paper work on their, when somebody tries to mislead them they can save them. Girl can also learn for free there are organisation which provides the free education to girls. Girls need to make understand there parents why education is important to her. And there is no age for education anybody can learn at any age. Girls and women are base of life teach them and enable them.