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Shumaila Siddiqui
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I think women are much safer in current times than before . I do agree to the point that some women faces safety issues at workplace. Still we are leading towards a better place in terms of safety purpose. We are growing as a society where women don’t look here and there to feel safe. She is capable enough of handling the situations and circumstances comes within the safety.
Entertainment industry has raised many issues faced by women at workplace which were never discovered before. There are some movements, social cause and NGOs working towards the mission to abolish the issues with their exceptional team and plans.
Most of the women feel safe at their workplace until there is some weird guys who want to make women feel uncomfortable with their act and obnoxious behavior or conversation. No place is dirty unless there is a dirt. So punish them with the proper actions being charged at them.
Some men in current times are so protected and concerned about the women safety, sometimes they go out of their way to help them. We also need to inculcate this kind of gesture in our future kids.
There are women out there who are more than happy to help the other women’s especially young ones, if they faced any kind of issues regarding their safety. They even guide them with appropriate knowledge like how to behave and how to tackle everything.
Due to developed technologies, fortunately we have been provided by some numbers to call whenever we have safety related issues and the help is been provided immediately.
Women are now being taught self-defence at every age and especially schools and some organizations are conducting classes to make young girls learn self-defence at younger age to train them and to make them believe that their safety lies in their hand and not on others.
This generation is foresighted to make women feel safe everywhere on their own terms rather than depending on other means. We should stop making women gain sympathize in every matter rather make them strong to fight on their own.