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Yes, in my opinion, they should be entitled to menstrual leave.
Periods are extremely painful and it lasts for a week every month. Menstrual leave should at least be optional and if any woman needs to take leave, she can have the option of not working those days. Some might say that one day is enough but each woman’s body is different. They might experience more pain on the second day than the first.
Many women get cramps, nausea, or headaches during their menstrual cycle. Some might even experience all three. Women face this pain every month. So, isn’t it necessary to implement menstrual leave?
Some might criticize this saying that it’s unfair that women get a paid day off (this is dependent on the company) and that men work so hard but are not paid more than women. I understand the issues men put across, but I don’t think they’ve ever experienced periods. It is painful, and some can’t even move around because the pain is that bad. Men and women are biologically different, so it doesn’t make sense to compare how unfair you think it is that women get menstrual leave. I do not think you’d have the same reaction if you experienced periods.
Some might say that it doesn’t even hurt that much and taking leave ‘just’ for that is strange. For some women, they might not feel any pain, but that is only a few of them.
Menstruation is a natural process and is not something one should be ashamed of. If we educated everyone about periods, it would be useful.