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Everything is now going digital so if women and girls want to make career
in technical education it has very vast scope and equal number of job opportunities girls and boys. I.T. industry is recognised as most rapidly growing industry in India. So basic things which girls and women should try to get in to this Industry by knowing coding and doing coding related,there are lots of coding course basic level coding courses HTMl, CSS,WordPress etc. They are many sources available online for doing coding courses we can learn this courses from website such as course era, unacdemy, udemy and byjus this provides certification courses. Girls and boys by doing this courses can also get the chance to do internship and earn money by learning , also there is very less complaint from the girls. Also one can be the web developer, software developer by learning advance level coding languages such as SQL , DBMS, python, java, c++.but most of the due lack of digital resources such as laptops, tabs and computer. Government need to provide this material to all this to students not only to the students who comes in merit but also for the student who does not afford give them loan by launching policies. Now also multi national company had come in India so this had created more opportunity for people but they just need to do more courses.parents believe that girls don’t need to this difficult courses because at end they have to handle family responsibilities. Girls and women need to make their parents understand how learning this courses will be the going to benefit them . Coding is not very difficult thing to learn just one have to make basic strong and keep consistency. And there is no complusionthat you have to be from I.T background, anybody can from any background learn the skill of coding.