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For students, like schools are homes when they are not at their own home, teachers are like parents when they are not with parents. And teachers are no less than parents because how much parents do teachers also does same, just there’s a difference in the environment and place of learning and we can say that teacher’s role is also that much in student’s life to make them grow socially, mentally and face the world outside.
Universities need to have more of female teachers as there are chances that females can know more clearly what student wants and how it should be done. They can understand both boy and girl students properly because after all they are women and it is said, they are all-rounder and can do anything be it home or work.
Choosing female teachers at universities and for higher education teaching can be a good option for students as well because they can understand each problem related to children as compared to male teachers and students are free towards female teachers more. In terms of teaching both are equal but what bond students can make with female teachers can’t match with male teachers. Not only education-wise but they can make students learn in a way that is easier to understand everything.