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Manpreet Singh
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The concept of feminist marriage lays emphasis that in a marriage, both the partners are given equal rights and opportunity to grow and develop as a person. It is a stark opposite to what our patriarchal marriage policies have to offer. If we were to say that whether the feminist marriage is just a marriage or not, then going by the ground realities, we can safely say that we have to cover a lot of issues before we can say that we have truly achieved equality in marriage.
Our patriarchal setup and marriage obligations for the marriage program is almost completely opposite to what feminist marriage spire for. We do not give women the equality or right that they deserve as compared to males. They are considered as some domesticated animal, whose primary purpose is to rear a child and to look after the house. The argument given in favor is that we have to protect our culture and traditions. We say we’re proud that our culture that says that a woman is meant to be within the four walls of the house in order to protect dignity. They are just relegated to household chores in the name of fragile feelings and femine nature. They believe that females are perfect for household responsibilities and they should not venture out of the house. Despite our constitution has made strong fundamental rights that provide equality to both men and women, we are still holding onto our patriarchal rules in the name of culture and religion.
If we desire to create a truly feminist marriage, we have to spread the light of education among women and make them more independent. Their lack of Independence with the main problem why they are still dependent on the patriarchal setup. Before we left we have a long way to cover in order to truly achieve feminist marriage.