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If we talk generally about women’s safety and protection then there are almost every field or place where women are unsafe. If its office then also women are not safe because of some cases of the male boss asking for physical favors to get a promotion or some kind of work to be done. So, in each field or industry, she has to be careful about her safety.
The entertainment industry is the most glamorous and glittery industry and the reality is far different from what we see in movies or shows. It’s not easy for both male and female actors to get into that industry because to get into this industry is like crossing an ocean where you have no resources and no connections. Many females who want to enter the entertainment industry have to do so much and they do it also because they want to work in that industry.
It isn’t safe for both actually, but for women’s it is very unsafe because from auditions to become a lead in a movie they have to please everyone in that industry. Many of them don’t behave rightly or don’t respect what they are in reality. And if you have no connections or fame then they will treat them very distinguished from known actors. We also know that some actors also have suicided and this happens because of pressures of work, no one to consult when they are going through bad times, and if a case arises of financial issue, it is not discussed because they feel it would make them appear as bad actor or not that capable.
What we see is just to make people entertained but in reality, it is not an easy and enjoyable thing to do. So, the entertainment industry is unsafe for women but for men also sometimes.