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If anything is connected to a child, then one person who is blamed is the Mother of that child, if a child learns something good or does something good, then at situation also society should understand that it’s because of the mother and not only blame her for bad things. Because if something is not done inappropriate way, people say it easily that your mother hasn’t taught you whether it’s a small girl or a married girl.
Yes, society is still trying to prove that mothers are irresponsible because they work and if they are working mothers, they don’t give time to children or family. Also, society has a tendency to have a blame game in any scenario, and then mothers are held responsible for a child’s future or growth, but only the mother is responsible? No, both parents are equally responsible and liable to the child.
It’s not that if they are working then they won’t look after a child, instead, they handle both office and family very well. They sacrifice many things and still that is not seen by society but if she works and has a child then people have that habit of talking ill about that woman and make her feel that she is irresponsible as a mother and housewife.
The responsibility of children is of both father and mother, why are not father held irresponsible when they are working and not looking after children. It has become a practice of society to make women held responsible and the only ones who have to take care of the growth of children. If these still continues and they keep trying to prove working mother as irresponsible then nothing will change in thoughts of society.
But in reality, mothers are much more than the only mother because they right from giving birth to a child and teaching each word and making them strong enough to face everyone, mothers are truly the artist.