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Let us first discuss what is period poverty. Basically, it’s a global problem which constraints girls from having basic menstrual care and hygiene.
But fire we should be clear that this is absolutely a global problem affecting both men and the directly or indirectly. How?
When we’re talking about proper sanitization, it’s not one a menstrual necessities. And after the covid pandemic it’s certainly clear to us, I guess. Most part of our India of course doesn’t have that.
Again indirectly less hygiene lead women to fatal disease like vaginal cancer. Now this easily avoidable fatal diseases increase the death rate day by day. Global fatality rate due to vaginal cancer is approximately 35%, if it’s diagnosed in primary stage, while it can become as 51% as ku women aren’t even concern about such a fatal disease. All over, it gives birth to the unequal sex ratio.
Whatever, if we see, financially women can’t afford proper menstrual hygiene, neither anybody have concern about it. Using old clothes duration period is still a custom going on.
Sanitary pads are becoming way more expensive due to ‘pink tax’ or ‘luxury tax’ grants upon these basic necessities for women. Federal police only make menstrual products free in 2018.
Dry places don’t know proper water to drink, how will they manage it for menstrual hygiene!
Now, when we’re talking about period poverty, we should not forget that it’s not only about financial instability, it’s about all those long held cultural believes and customs.
Stigmatization of period, make women believe that have a basic biological process is sinful. In some village, it’s still a custom to keep the female discriminated until her periods are over. Some women claim to be so shameful about it that they can’t expose having their period to even their families.
Now why it’s necessary to stop it?
First period poverty increase women fatalities.
Water problem and not having proper sanitization, leads girls to leave from school on these days.
Over 800,million human happy menstruation daily. So, it’s a issue have more importance than we can think.

What can we do to prevent it?
We can ask our governments to provide such necessities without strip measure to distribute it put the lowest stage of society, as having proper water and sanitization is a human right.
Taking measures after learning if they’re any wrong stigmatization is going on W to female having period, can prove a great step.
The most importantly, government should make these necessities like sanitary pads and toilet paper tax free or with barely minimum and make them affordable to any financial state.
Arranging campaigns to make some concern about menstrual necessities is highly recommend
Distributing free pads is obviously a great initiative
Though, if women convert to use menstrual cup, it’ll be cheaper and hygienic too.