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anshika agarwal
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Yes, self defense training should be become compulsory for women. In India women are not safe at all. India is the fourth unsafe country for women. Delhi, India’s capital is the most unsafe city. That’s why they need learning of self defense. Self defense is a very important training in the kind of world we are living today.
In india we most commonly listen the cases of rape, murder, molestation, kidnapping, acid attacks etc. Women usually considered as the weaker gender by the criminals and that’s why they target women. Its time that we make each and every women realise that she is strong enough to fight for her battle. Its just that they need a right platform to awaken and highlight their inner power and utilize it whenever it is required. Self Defense should be the compulsory subject in all schools and colleges of urban and rural areas. It should be dtarted from 1st class till college levels. Those who cannot afford these trainings like in rural areas they should be given by the government. The government should start it as soon as possible. Young girls should be given training of self defense techniques including the training of judo, karate or Marshall arts. It will help them in boosting their confidence and upgrading their personal growth. If a woman is trained then she can even walk late at night without having any fear in her mind. Instead of saving her from being victimized, let her learnt how to fight. So let’s each and everyone of us help in making our women the Warriors and save themselves from being a victim. It’s High Time now. We need to give them a teaching of how to fight back and how to stand up for themselves. How to differentiate between good or bad touch. Even if a single member of the family had learnt this she can pass it on to others. It will be good step in making our nation safer.