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simran arora
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One may not know this, but homosexuality was never prohibited in Ancient India. The love of the same sex was equally accepted as heterosexual love with no judgments. However, things changed when the British came as they took a step against homosexuality. Thereby, homosexuality is not against Indian culture. But as British brainwashed the love of the same sex as something filthy, dirty, and unnatural.

In the ancient Indian texts, Rigveda, one of the sacred texts of Hinduism, mentions that any unnatural way of life is also natural. This symbolizes that the concept of homosexuality was not an abolished idea back then. Also, the text, Kamasutra, entitles a complete chapter on homosexuality.

After almost one and a half centuries, the acceptance of homosexuality is a difficult thing to do. It could be because of gender bias and also sex bias. Irrespective of being a girl or a boy, if one identifies as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, then it is a problem in most countries. Lately, the Indian constitution decriminalized section 377, yet the judgment still follows.

In the end, I would say that homosexuality is not against Indian culture. But it is the citizens who ignore the historical facts and make decisions as per their availability or understanding. If one witnesses the sculptures and the artifacts by Indian artists before the 18th century, they would see that homosexuality was acceptable, and no one questioned the choice. The lack of awareness of homosexuality has been causing barriers in the culture leading to biased behavior and non-acceptance of such a way of life.

Hence, that one decision of the British changed the situation in India, leading to people thinking that it is against the Indian culture. Whereas it is as much a part of Indian history as the heterosexual lifestyle.