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simran arora
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The first thought that came to my mind when I first read this question was, no! Women are not at all safe to travel in public transport. Sexual assault or eve-teasing is a common assault when traveling in a bus, rickshaw, cab, or even metro.

Even separating a train coach for women does not reduce the assaults in any public transport. Many a time, I have witnessed that men step into a woman’s coach without taking any notice. As a woman, traveling in general coach before covid-19 was a nightmare for me.

I know women who stopped traveling in public transports because of such incidents. Newspapers and e-magazines report every day about eve-teasing or assaults, but the sad part is that it hardly makes a difference. The phenomenon that day-time is safer than night-time for women is a complete myth. The crimes do not see an hour it can happen at any moment.

We cannot stop traveling or choose other routes because the story is the same everywhere! Observing the unsafety of women in public transport, one should raise their voice, fight for it, should not be scared of anyone, and should know be physically and mentally strong to handle such situations.