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Ok now, this can be a contradicting thought but according to me, women should be allowed to take leave during menstruation.
Now many of us, can expose points like, in one hand we’re approaching for gender equality and in the other we’re demanding leave allowance during periods. It’s a gender discrimination itself.
For them, I can say that yes, we’re expecting gender equality. We want women to talk and raise their voice , whether in their own house or in their workplace. We want the approach towards women should be as same as the male members in education, job, vacancy, parliament and in overall society.
But we can’t expect to erase the natural discriminations made in a male and female body. We can’t expect male to give birth, we just want to support the female in most possible ways they can.
Just like that, male who are talking against or women who are strongly against it, have you ever experience that period pain? No. Most of the women bears those each and every month. It’s basically a muscle cramps which can strech upto thighs and back from lower abdomen, feels like aan ache. Some women even describe them as continuous stabbing sharply in their genital part pr lower abdomen. While some even explained that piercing out thighs and tummy would be easier than bearing this pain.
So, we can never compare a period pain as a short term health issue at all.
Again, women need proper hygiene and health care during their menstrual days specially. A unhygienic situation can even lead to fatal disease like vaginal cancer. And it’s very sad to say despite of being the most modern city in all over India, only a few can make up to the necessary cleanliness in their city. So, expecting workplace to have proper sanitization is far more than a dream. Water availability problem is also a trigger to some places.
Women, working in rural areas experience the drastic disadvantage as population and pollution both are in their increasing state and a fewer percent of our even ‘claims to be educated’ society are not much aware than those rural areas.
So, of course it’s a necessary to allow women a menstruation leave. If it’s such a necessary, government and Institutions can set up work from home with flexible working hours should be allowed . But allowing women not to be in their workplace is a definite necessity.