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Unable to study or have proper education is among one of those scenarios where loopholes, made in our Constitution are shown explicitly. Though we have the right to education act of 21 A as a compulsory right, still more than half of the children don’t attend school and if we look over women specially, among 9 to 14 years old, approximately 53% girls don’t attend any education.
Yes, we have some primary causes for it.
As, India has its large portion of people suffering from poverty, this one reason lead to most of those moves taken by people to prevent women education.
Poor people can’t arrange for proper education for their children.
And among them who can afford atleast minimum, most of them choose their male children to have the facilities, whether it’s guided by major patriarchal norms or their own satisfaction. A girl is always ignored.
Again when it comes to severe the financial expenses of a family, child marriage is considered as one of the best routes as women are always considered as a burden to increase expense.
As we know, for the vastly increase in population, people from rural areas are suffering most and are moving to cities to find a shelter and some work. In these cases, both male and female child get harms. While male child are sent for most of the construction sites, women are preferred for doing household chores in someone else’s house in return of monthly wages.
And we should never forget the dark sides of our society, promoting women illiteracy.
Child trafficking, specially female, are among those dark world business and approx impossible to get out of it.
Maybe it sounds crazy but our rural communities or people from underdeveloped areas, still don’t want to educate or send their girls to school. Why if you ask, you’ll get answers like, some of them are afraid of women exploitation, thus want their children at home, some says there’s no importance of education for women, as how much they will grow, cooking and handling household chores is the ultimate destination for girls, while others really want their children to be uneducated as education make their thoughts grow and raise their voice. And whether you admit or not, this is not only an explicit truth for rural areas, it’s same as the other side of society as well. People there can acknowledge female education and development until they are not raising their voice for truth.

Now the question is what we can do.
As a voter we can advice our government to take serious measures and continuously examine the effects on people while identifying where the fault lies.Though our government are doing and declaring many rules and regulations but This is not just a problem, demanding amendments and rules. Government has to be strict.
Schools can be made free for children below poverty line, and amendment should not be written only in Constitution. Some schools are still demanding high amount of money in name of government. They have to be restricted or banned totally.
And as for the local people, we can build campaign, try to make the people understand why women education is such an important and how should we arrange it. We should at least notice the poor or suffering family in our neighborhood and try to help them by sending their information to government or some NGO or to someone who can provide support.