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Conversion therapy is the practice of trying to change an individual’s sexual orientation from homosexual or bisexual to heterosexual using psychological, physical, or spiritual intervention.
Conversion therapy is still practiced in India. Although homosexuality is now legal in India, people still think that it’s immoral and that it should and can be ‘cured’ if treatment is given.
It is very cruel that people police someone’s life because of their sexuality. This is because they have a heteronormative mindset and think that anyone other than cisgendered straight people are abnormal.
If anyone thinks that there are only a few people are gay and the rest are straight, they’re wrong, very wrong. We do not know how the situation is. There are many still finding themselves and there are some who are not out yet, so we can’t make these kinds of assumptions.
It is infuriating that people use religion as a scapegoat for their bigoted beliefs. It is not said in any religious texts that you should be this vile and hateful so why are you doing this?
When parents find out their child is gay, they disown their child. They try everything to make their child ‘normal’. They send their children to conversion therapy. Whether it actually works or not, 98% of them suffered psychological damage after conversion therapy.
It is strange to think that conversion therapy would work. Sexuality is not a choice. If it was, don’t you think that people would want to be straight? But it isn’t that easy. I think that if it actually worked on people like society says it does, they would have been questioning their sexuality. Also, multi gender attraction aka bisexuality exists. They are still queer even if they’re not just attracted to the same sex but also the opposite sex.
We need to understand that we can’t choose who we are attracted to. Conversion therapy is not helpful at all. Why should someone change themselves because society doesn’t accept them? Conversion therapy only has negative results; the concept of this means that homosexuality is something which shouldn’t exist and should be treated. This leads to depression, anxiety and even suicide in queer kids.
Learn to accept that not everyone is straight, and that’s okay.