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Apoorva Pathak
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Being a girl is a change today. We are fighting every day to get our rights. When women are educated they are less likely to face any challenge which can obstruct their freedom and rights. Their many obstacles usually faced by every woman.
1- Financial issue- poverty is one such cause due to which many women are illiterate. As they are dependent on their family for education.
2- Inequality- often girls are treated like slaves they are pushed away. they are dominated by male members.
3- Menstruation- their many women who are not able to go for higher studies as there is a lack of separate toilets. There is no hygiene concept.
4- Child marriage- usually girl child is considered a burden on their parents and they are wed at an early age which often leads to domestic violence.
5- Trafficking- girls generally trap into the track of trafficking they are lured in different ways. Sometimes due to poverty parents sell their girl to get money.
There are many more causes. About in this 21st century, there are lots of changes and has uplifted women society. Government and international groups are focusing on women based problems. sustainable development goal number 4 is based on quality education which works with illusive growth. Providing for health system so that every woman can study well which any health issues. Building female toilets and taking proper care of sanitation. Their financial schemes for girls so that they can have the education. After the 82nd amendment act 2002 has made it compulsory for parents to give education for free. There are many constitutional rights which give reservation to women in jobs and educational institution which has made easy for girls to have good education as well as jobs.