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Yash Tiwari
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Choosing one’s career line isn’t so simple as most people think, because sometimes there are no clear messages from inside. No matter how hard you try to understand it, you can’t get your hand on it. You can not even make your priority list, who needs to be first and second in job satisfaction. Thus, choosing a career is a very complicated process that can take lots of time and effort, including the personal experience of failure and disappointment. All the working girls want to be professionals and do a job of their own choice. They also want to earn lakhs and become financially stable. Some people may think that women should quit their jobs if they can’t give it their 100% of time and dedication. But some girls have no control over their circumstances since they are bound by husband/family members for several years of their productive life. They take up jobs according to the wishes of others.

Many people think that women are inherently less inclined to the career than men. Just look at the salaries and you will see that. Women don’t want to be lawyers, but they want money. Men don’t want to be childcare workers, but they like to be with kids. Just look at the choice of fields of study that men and women make, and you will see greater differences between men and women if we compare them by major areas of study than differences within majors. Sometimes after marriage, a woman is confronted by the fact that the work she was doing before, has been taken from her and given to her husband. At times this is done on purpose, at others, it happens by accident. Most often a man does not understand that in this way he takes away his wife’s freedom. He does not realize that he denies her the opportunity to live her own life, to find herself and be happy.

A woman can give 100% only if she thinks the work she is doing is the most desired. Otherwise, she’ll never be happy with what she does. She will work against herself if she has to do something that she doesn’t want to do. A young girl has to be clubbed with the responsibility of deciding all that which will happen in her life after this moment. She has to decide about the amount of education that she wishes to have, about the type of career that she should start with and there is a long list of things, which every person would like to do at least once in life. While one girl can achieve all her dreams, the other remains just a dream because of various problems.