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Apoorva Pathak
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Women are not safe in the entertainment industry anywhere in the world. They facing different types of challenges during their carrier. They have physical, emotional, mental torcher. They are even threatening their life. They are treated harshly. They often trap in the vicious cycle of the sexual act.
There many cases in courts about harassment of actoress, working staff (female) etc. recently pearl V puri is under the limelight of minor girl rape. Male actors, staff, directors are making deal with the female for physical pleasure in return for their carrier. There are many cases of suicide of actresses. This environment is creating horror in the mind of the female who aspires to be an actress. There are many rear cases in which the investigation goes proper. Rich co-stars try to demolish the case by giving the bribe and sometimes these actors have good relations with politics.
Sometimes we often come to know about pornography in Bollywood which often related to girls who are new to the industry and are molested and lured. Many women also become part of this scandal.
This also leads to nepotism as girls who belong to the families of actors or VIPs can only approach the industry to become an actress as they don’t struggle while girls who come from the local area are trapped in this vicious cycle.
There many small trades who lure girls from a small town about Bollywood that they have a connection which director and they will help them to become actress, in actual sense they just lure them and take these girls and sell them to sex traders. This gives rise to the illegal trading of girls.
There are many loopholes In our society where women are not safe. How many women have to struggle?