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Manpreet Singh
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Despite the passing of the Navtej Singh Johar judgment in the year 2017, the country has taken a giant leap in terms of improvement of the situation regarding the LGBT community. But the question that remains is whether the judgment has made any powerful impact in the life of the LGBT community? The issue is still looming large and we need to solve it as soon as possible. The judgment, no doubt has created the right path for them, but we still need to do a lot of work in order to provide them equal equality.
The unique thing about the LGBT issue is that no matter from where they are coming from, it can be a rural area or urban area, they are facing an equal amount of discrimination in the society or at the home. The main issue that remains is that we have not had enough awareness regarding this issue even after the passing of the judgment. The judgment has mandated to the government that they should do the large-scale awareness as much as possible with this issue. But nothing concrete has been done till now. People are still misguided and have wrong stereotypes attached to this community. They are still seen as some Immoral beings and are given and unequal treatment. The situation with the transgender community is very bad, no doubt a law was passed in the favor, but it has many unconstitutional provisions which would not stand the test of article 14. Also, the issue of same-sex marriage has not been actively taken by our government despite many did applications are being filed in Supreme Court. The police are still misusing old provisions which have been decriminalized, due to lack of education the LGBT community is still being harassed by the authorities.
So what can we really do in order to make their life as equal as possible? We have to make society understand that the old social norms do not stand the test of time anymore and we had to move forward with the times. The whole concept of binary gender has to be removed and from very early the children’s should be made to learn about different genders that have emerged under the umbrella. We have to make power authority more gender-sensitive in order to deal with their issues. Also, the parents need to be more supportive with the children when they come out with open regarding their orientation.