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We all are aware that when two people are not able to live with each other anymore , the next step they take if divorce . And it is fine, if the two people and not enjoying each other company, not able to stay with each other, not able to continue, it’s good to mutually get separated, instead of fighting and Creating scenes .
But why this condition occur ? The one who once decided to live their life together, stay with each other for their whole life, decided to spend their sweetest memory with each other , what was the reason they are separating now ? what all about their dreams? Their wishes ? Their promises ? The only and only reason is lack of understanding, trust, faith and most important love. When all these compound comes together it makes bond, the bond of happiness, the bond of love and once these compound gets separated or destroyed , the bond of love and happiness also get destroyed .
Today’s generation is very impulsive and their decision is also very impulsive. Now making girlfriend or boyfriend, falling in love is common and it’s good this is not a crime . but it doesn’t mean whom we love at the present moment with that person only we can spend our whole life . When two people are in love they only share moments with each other , not their life. But once they get married, they have to spend their whole life together and from there they realise is they are made for each other or not . A relationship need understanding . When they two are girlfriend or boyfriend the understanding between them and understanding between husband wife is very different .
Today’s children fall in love at a very young age, they feel that they should get married now. But after getting married, both of them start having problems with each other’s small things, they are not able to adjust with each other and at the moment when their family tried to convince them that take some time it’s not a good time to get married that time due to their stubborn and impulsiveness the get married and after that the real problem start. Only and only reason is impressive decision , lack of understanding among the youth. They get married after falling in love, but when they start spending time together, a quarrel starts between them, due to which they get attracted towards others and start cheating their partner and at last get divorced. The other obvious reasons are violence, Dowry.