Get Inspired, Be Empowered Forums Employment Opportunities By choosing a work against her choice can she give 100%? Reply To: By choosing a work against her choice can she give 100%?

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No one can ever do something he/she is uncomfortable at. Be it a man or a woman, he/she would drop the work if it would be against their choice.
Everyone got their own specific interests in doing any kind of work they’re interested in. A man has the right to choose if he has to be become an engineer or a chef or anything of his choice, a woman is allowed to choose if she wants to become a teacher, an engineer or anything she likes. Our society never puts upon the terms and conditions in front of men when it comes to their choice of career but a woman is always conditioned to take care of her family first, to work efficiently inside the house even if she’s not interested or capable of doing the household chores, she’s been forced to work in their house.
Even though she never chooses household chores as her work, but she has to do that for the welfare of her family. She’s always been asked to do so yet she would never be able to give her 100% to that, she would be asked to that.
Women are superpowers who’ve survived through everything but she deserves equality like men to choose their careers.