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Shumaila Siddiqui
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School is the base foundation for all the teachings that we learn in our life . A child will never forget the learnings that they have been taught in the school foe the rest of life. Children are more capable of learning things in the childhood rather than adulthood. We should promote gender equality which is the main cause of so many issues in our society. Teach them in early days so that the next generation will be having a society which does not discriminate men and women and treat them unequally and provide them equal opportunities and respect that they deserve. There are so many ways how we can promote gender equality in a classroom such as:
1.By having activities which encourages both girl and boy to participate in equal manner and there will be not a single activity which will restrict any of the gender. This will help them to develop a thinking that each work is done by both equally.
2. Giving the same amount of punishment to both of them will enhance a equality between children.
3. Designing their uniform with similar design and pattern.

4. Making them participate in every sport whether cricket, badminton,kabaddi,etc . In future, they will fix mind-set of people who thinks that girls can’t take this particular sports.

5. Educating about menstrual education to both girl and a boy. To avoid the fuss which usually a boy makes when heard about periods.
6. Making seating arrangements in a manner, girl seating next to boy and vice versa.To normalize the awkwardness and to make them learn to respect each other.
7. Making sports houses including both of them and not girls vs boys.
8. Everything happening in class should be student vs student and not about girl vs boy . The competition should be among students and not between the genders.
We should really promote gender equality on ground level to avoid the future clashes between the genders. And to make boys realize that nobody is inferior, but everybody is superior in their own self.If children learn gender equality, it will be a cherry on the cake for future generations.