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Everyone needs entertainment in their life. And for our entertainment, many people are working in front of the screen and many people are working behind the scenes. We all have seen their smiling faces in front of the screen but has anyone seen the secret behind the screen? There is a proverb that, moon also look beautiful from the ground, But when you look closer you will see spots in it too . That same condition is happened in or entertainment industry .
According to the survey 99% of women has experienced sexism in entertainment industry. There was an interview taken by Elizabeth Day, Liz Hoggard, Kathryn Bromwich. This they have mentioned that- “Meetings full of male executives, action stars refusing to be directed by a woman, actors expecting a kiss”
Avantika Shetty shot to the limelight after starring in Anup Bhandari’s RangiTaranga . The actress has opened up about an unfortunate experience she had with Suresh. The actress has said that despite giving her best, she was unceremoniously ousted from the film. She has lodged a case against the producer. These few examples prove how unsafe the entertainment industry is for a woman.
Now all of us must have heard the Pearl V Puri whole case but a girl child has been raped, but yes, we do not know whether the moment is completely wrong or right, but if it happens, it is very small and all this thing has happened inside this entertainment industry only its roots are entertainment industry. You all must have heard the case of Pratyusha Banerjee, what happened with Pratyusha Banerjee, she also committed suicide with the same entertainment industry, no one knows the reason for her death till date.
When a new girl comes in this industry, she does not know anything about it, nor does she have any Source. So, many times she gets stuck in the wrong place, people tell her, we will provide you the lead role . Entrap her in his words, due to which the girl becomes a prostitute instead of becoming a heroine or actress.
Hence proven, through all this argument it is proven that entertainment industry is fully unsafe for women when in women enter in entertainment industry she become the target of sexism and many other things.