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Yes, it’s an explicit truth that gender stereotypes plays a key role, or you can say it’s one of those social norms which are assuring disrespect and women exploitation.
Yes, you heard me right. If you go and talk to regular women, most of them will say, they don’t do things because they were taught, they don’t go in lone roads because they are afraid of male, of getting rape, they don’t trust men because it’s taught that they are some dangerous animals who are here to hurm women.
So, how do you think every single women know it? Because they have experience? No, not at all. Women don’t go out or we can say we don’t let our women out to have experience about the real world.
How women know that they are inferior? Cause we make them feel, we taught them from childhood that how inferior they’re, how they should not do most of things, a man do. We discriminate against works, about games, subjects. We teach them how they should be homely, how they should never raise her voice. How it’s a necessity for a woman to perform all household duties and ok for a man to leave all those burden.
It’s us, who are making this mythological quotes like women are goddess, they will serve us even when we don’t bestow her, only to bind women in those greatness to fulfill society’s expectations.
And if she tries to severe that binding, it doesn’t take a single second for us to declare our goddess as a slut.
These gender discrimination make women believe that yes, they are inferior and not sufficient to do such work which needs physical activity or mental intelligence. Thus they should live beneath men.
Now, it’s obviously an ongoing theory that stronger one always rules over the weaker one. And that’s what our society is doing too. Patriarchy is being established by suppressing women’s voice and to continue this, we’re teaching our children these social norms, satisfying gender discrimination.
Hence it’s never only men’s fault or women’s fault that one is being the ruler while other is being ruled over. It’s us, who primarily imprinting these thought into them, preserving the patriarchy. That’s the main reason why men feel they have right to assault a woman in every kind of situation and women feel that how much suffering there’ll be, they should never raise voice against it.