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Yes, Most of the people are still their in society who discriminate against women with adopted children. In some family they don’t want adopted child they think like it’s not our blood child because of which they don’t support her for adoption of child. To adopt a child mother should have patience and caring nature towards kids. Because to adopt a child it is very difficult process one should have all the documents and they also check your background for child so that the child don’t get into any kind of trouble. To be an mother of adopted child is not esay they has to go with difficult process and need to fight against society judgements towards her. Many women face complications to be pregnant and sometimes the complications can’t get solved due to which they adopted children because every women in the world wants to be mother. In that also society start commenting on them that they haven’t take care of herself because of complications happens and child is not of family blood, etc. Women who adopt children without getting married people start judging her. Single mother with adopted child has to face lot of problems because to take care of child with office work sometimes it is difficult but they manage their time for their child but society don’t leave them with their poking and commenting on them due to which it affect on her child mental health. Society should rather support them or don’t do anything which will hurt them. In today’s generation many of the celebrities has adopted child in that Sushmita Sen is one of best example of being strong, independent and confident single mother because of which many women get strong and motivate to be single mother. Society should stop discriminate women for adoption of children it is totally their life and decision to have adopt a child or not.