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Shumaila Siddiqui
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Absolutely not, women is never aware about the female related disease. She is so pierced in the day-to-day life routine that she don’t find time to look out for the changes in her body that might be a small sign of danger diseases. Women are habitual to put their health at lowest in their priority list.
Many unknown diseases develop in them but due to lack of awareness women never finds out the actual problem and end up being in big disease. Estrogen production, sexual disease and fertility concerns are gender-specific diseases which women suffer every other day. Some women are not getting the right treatment due to unavailability of the resources and some are not enough known of the symptoms.
Commonly women are being dead due to the breast cancer. This is one of the disease which is highly affecting women and still women are not fully aware of the symptoms. Even if they feel the pain or lumps they ignore them and after few days they are being diagnosed by a breast cancer. It is largely women’s fault of not takingthe changes that their body is showing seriously.
It is mandatory that all women should have a proper knowledge of the varied women health issues, especially about their reproductive system. By installing more campaigns and movements for the awareness of health issues faced by women we can reduce the number of health problem and the right d treatment will be given to the specific diseases. We need more discussion around these topics and get our women educated with the basics things that matters for our body the most.