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A major number of women’s are not aware of the female-related disease, it’s very important for every female should at least have basic information because it can cause health issues to female in the future, when we know about diseases we are ready to take preventions and we become more alert to diseases, also we only visit to doctor when we are sick and have any health issues other than very few people do the health checkup, and the pandemic had made us all learn that nothing is more important in life than our health. Having good immunity helps a lot for fighting any diseases, women need to make their immunity strong by doing any form of exercise it can be walking, Zumba, yoga, or going to the gym because all these things keep your body moving and improves blood circulation. Female should maintain hygiene in private parts if she experiences any pain should go to the doctor but instead, they ask their family and friends get advice from them which not a good thing to do. Eating painkillers is just going to stop the pain for some period of time. Females should have knowledge about diseases such as breast cancer, endometriosis, excess body weight, and less body weight. I think women think a lot about their problems so they easily get problems such as high blood pressure, sugar, and strokes usually. I think women should be clear about their lifestyle choices do not get an addiction to alcohol, smoking, unhealthy junk food. Women mostly get caught up in family, career, and parenting so they do not prioritize health which is not good. Because healthy choices will always help people a lot in many ways. Also, women who live in rural areas don’t even know about diseases our health ministry should start training females about the diseases.