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As everyone of us know that this covid pandemic has affected China to India vastly. In our daily news channel it subsided each and every issues and make his huge projection on human race. Whether it’s political or economical, it’s not being telecasted properly. Our government is spending their full-time effort to control this pandemic, maintaining lockdown. In such a situation, issues like feminism or women empowerment , which are usually considered as secondary issues of our society, are getting out of people’s lives. Our society doesn’t even value it much in normal days, then in pandemic!
Winning against patriarchy, didn’t only postponed, but, women violence already started to increase it’s intensity as 2019 reported as the year having most domestic violence reported.
Among this lockdown, many people are losing their jobs. Women who were empowered by their own income, lost jobs too. Thus they are getting dependent again on husband . For non-working women, duties for household chores, looking after children are growing as school and office got closed. As a result, women are getting accused, whether it’s a fault from children or in household chores. Men, who were not accustomed to stay at home are restricted to go outside. There’s come mental irritation and this irritation give birth to domestic violence. The National Commission for Women (NSW) has recorded an increase of at least 2.5 times in domestic violence crimes after the nationwide lockdown, has enlisted approx 1477 new cases between March 25 and May 31.
Amid lockdown, not even every female got a chance to report or couldn’t show enough courage to filing a FIR. There’s even some cases where female got murdered, caused by sexual violence.
Sexual harassment , got an increase of approx 21%, from the last year’s.
Again if we see with a look at future, many NGO s who were arranging awareness program among women in the rural areas about health or family planning or how to confront violence, had to stop their works due to lockdown. Education is getting the most harmful effects due to closing of school and colleges. So the most important pillars of women empowerment are facing the worst issues, which can cause a devastating effect on the feminism journey now and even in future. Child marriage and women exploitation will be definite.
So, in this already devastating situation, we should never subside the female issues. Writing, blogging, publish them on social media is a great initiative. With these every men and women are advised to help your neighbour who is suffering from any kind of violence in her house. Restarting of feminism movement should be as soon as possible.