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Its true that, gender stereotypes still played role in the disrespect women because society still make comparisons and follow that old tradition thinking between men and women. Men are also gets support of their family in career guidance but women don’t get any support from family. In childhood only women are always teach to do household chores. But they don’t tell them to focus on studies but men are always supported to focus their mind on study. Why? Only women are meant to learn household chores and not to get focus on their studies. Both should learn household chores and both are equally deserve to have education. In schools also we can see that if any girl does short hair cut everyone will say her that you look like a boy. That somewhere will hurt her because of society gender stereotypes. Still their are people who think that boys should have short hairs, play sports, focus on education and expected to be strong and on other side girls should have long hairs, learn household chores and cooking, excepted to be at home. When it comes on women dreams and to job non of them will support her in household work even their husband also because of which women feel disrespect due to not giving importance to her dreams or not getting support of her family to do job. Society also stereotypes between small kids like if boys buy any toy which is pink in colour they will say it’s for girls not for boys. And if girls will buy football they will say it’s for boys not for girls. But women should not think of society who are they to judge you. The only thing matters is your family and friends if they don’t have problem with it then you should ignore such people thinking towards women.