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Yash Tiwari
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There are some female-related conditions that women should not ignore and that’s for their health. Like nowadays women are stressed out of their daily routine and they neglect their health. They just have to remember that if they stay healthy, it can lead to having great offspring, which is the aim and purpose of life. Women are the first people that have to be aware of women-related diseases. Since they are used to spend a lot of time, they neglect their health and then have a major issue with them. There are many problems faced by women of different ages and social strata. Every day millions of women face some sort of health problem. The problems are not solved if they find a doctor nearby or visit hospitals. They suffer the pains and live with it.

All women should know about cancers, that are breast, cervical, ovarian, and pregnancy so that they can take all precautions related to these diseases and how to deal with the symptoms and pregnancy. Breast cancer affects two in every 100 women in the USA this includes mothers, daughters grandmothers, and many more who care for this disease are young or old there out to help everyone. The entire society should be able to know about women’s health problems and they should be aware that how to take precautions for female diseases. This will help them to get rid of diseases before permanent damages happen.

In most cases, women are aware of diseases like croup, fever, cold, and so on. What they do not know is something such as calico. Calico is a disease that does not show symptoms in the early stages. By the time the symptoms appear, it has already entered a late stage. Women do not realize this and continue to apply for herbal medicine. Calico has entered a chronic stage and becomes incurable. The domestic medicine that women use does not treat female diseases properly.

`Women-related diseases are different from ordinary diseases; they are not as simple or easy as other diseases. Women-related diseases are not common. Women-related diseases also greatly harm the maternal condition of women and can also cause serious consequences in the future. They do not have a clear understanding of women’s disease, which is more harmful than men’s, but they do not know what harmful disease they can get. Most female-related diseases can be prevented. Unfortunately, several women are not aware of the causes of these problems. More than 50% of women experience health problems like cancer or stroke. Most commonly observed autoimmune diseases like virus or panic attacks, osteoporosis, etc. which are known but not cured or taken care of because they assume it’s common according to age, but after all, these are also diseases and should be known.