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Covid 19 vaccination has been started to give to each individual and still many haven’t received it yet. The gender gap has always been a topic of discussion in each field and this issue has still not resolved and keeps on increasing each day and one more now has joined the list of the gender gap, that is Covid19 vaccination.
As per data published, 9.29 crore men and 8.04 crore women have received the vaccination, and who have received a single dose of vaccine are 53.61% are men. So, from this data, we can say there a gender gap and many women are still behind.
Many reasons consist in this, like not access to information regarding vaccination drives, not having mobile phones or a stable internet connection. And most of this is observed in rural areas because women don’t have a mobile phone and so they don’t have basic knowledge in using phone and its feature. Still, people have that backward and small thought regarding giving phones to women. Another reason for gender gap vaccination can be assumptions that if women are pregnant, it will affect the child inside. There are many who will provide wrong information related to vaccination and that makes women fear taking the vaccine.
This issue can be solved by ‘US’ and ‘Government’, because it will make aware them through campaigns and vaccination drives in rural and backward areas and door to door where there’s no access to information