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Manpreet Singh
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The simple answer to this question would be no! No matter how far we have developed in terms of medical sciences, the sad reality at the ground level remains that our women do not have the equality that our constitution aims for. Women are facing many gender related medical problems such as mensuration problems, teen age pregnancies, breast cancer and genital mutation. Women just do not have enough freedom to even talk about the medical issues.
The problem lies deep in our patriarchal thinking. We have regarded gender a very high importance when it comes to which gender will have right and access to basic facilities. Females are heavily dependent on their families and the families dictate what is right and what os wrong. For most of the time, they do not even know that they have any medical issues. The families disregard most of the female problems as normal occurance and a mundane affairs. This exacerbate the issue and many a times, medical emergency has to be dealt with. Most of the rural women relies on the mid wives to have their babies delivered. This is just not right when our constitution mandates in the term of directive principles that our government should make sure that a proper medical infrastructure is available.
The whole problem lies in the deep rooted patriarchal set up of our society. We are just not letting our women to explore and learn about their medical issues, citing the taboo that is associated with it. The need of hour is the spread of awareness of medical issues. We have to make women more and more aware in order to normalise these issues. Families should realise that no medical problems are a mundane affair and when a problem is reoccurring, female needs medical attention.