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Apoorva Pathak
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Education is an important part of every human life. But sometimes we use to divide education based on gender. Education is gender-neutral why we create a separate school for boys and girls? Why we distinguish them based on education that good quality education much is given to boys only and not to girls?

There are many highlighted question which occurs in our day to day life. Nowadays, man and women both are playing an important role in our society they work should shoulder and give tough competition to each other. we should allow boys and girls to be in the same school under the same roof to know and to show their capabilities. When they both will read and write together it will create good competition and both the sections will be benefited from each other. They will understand the emotions of each other. While knowing how to treat each other in a better way.

We often see when girls and boys are educated separately they develop a fear of each other. And this creates the feeling of inferiority. When they grow up and start doing work in companies where all gender work it does not provide good output because of lack of communication due to fear. The same-sex school make lust and desire in boys which often lead to rape and assault of girl when they first time have interaction which girls.
Making schools in which both the sex participate will also overcome desire as well as shyness. this will create an environment of gender neutrality both the sexes will respect each is also true when there is no imbalance in sexes in a country it leads to prosperity. It develops an environment of happiness and love. Doing better every day for the betterment of all.