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Beauty products, it’s among one of those industries, who’s valued from the ancient age till now. Everyone in this world, want to be presentable, perfect, beautiful in every aspect, which is not wrong at all. What wrong is, the concept of using beauty products. They contains a large amount of racism in those pretty make up items.
Fairness cream, councillor, extra eyelashes, nails and there’s a big list of the make up items available in the market.
But the main problem is people are not buying it to make them presentable at all. They are buying it to hide themselves mostly.
How many of us really wants to get ready for 1 hour to go out for 5 minutes? Approx nobody. How much important it’s for you to click pictures on your make up look to make it your profile picture? Approx everybody. And you remember that feeling when you get ready with these much strength but come back without clicking a photo? Or getting unnoticed? Yes, that’s the frustration human feel, as they want to hide themselves behind that beauty products and show case a new self which is not his/her own self at all.
Beauty products are significantly uphold the patriarchal norms of our society. We’re said that our society or our men world want to see us wearing that fake beauty , they are constantly rewriting about women’s nature, looking, figure, physique, even mental state like how they should feel or how they should be homely or how they should be grateful to men and so on. And what we’re doing? We’re continuously accepting the cruelties by accepting the circumstances told to us.
Not only female, our male society is also getting tormented through this so called beauty norms. A handsome guy with a perfect height, good income and so on.
Even in India, we’re forgetting or ignoring our own culture and color and try to accept that foreign identity. Beauty isn’t something which can be judged according to physique and color, it should be according to the behavior or a beautiful mindset.