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Ok now this is a contradictory discussion.
In one side, we are well aware of the current situation of woman exploitation, whether it’s domestic violence or sexual harassment. And the root cause of it is considering women inferior to men. As nature’s rules, stronger one always rule over the weaker one. And in this case, it’s the same. Men are brought up being rough and tough while women are brought up getting informed on how they are weak and should never contradict a man.
But what if we turn over the situation in an very instance? I’m pretty sure that many of us have thought this idea of women having liberty to punish her criminal.
Of course it can be a effective one as nobody will have the courage to assault in regular bus, trains. In case of gang rape or homicide, that family will always have fear if victims voice become the first and last one to consider. As we mostly know that in most cases, real criminals roams freely because of lack of proof or having some political support system. So, I bet this can be effective, even the most effective one.
Although, in other hand, we should never forget that women are not the only victims of our society. There are plenty of cases when, women tried to put husband and his family behind the bars in case of false assault or dowry related exploitation.
In India, of course women are suffering, but they also possess some extra provision which lead them to easy justice or you can say which can lead to declare false accusations against male family and friends too. Among teenager or most of the grabby women make their way through enjoying this rules. Even society nowadays are more sensitive towards women.
So, if we grand women a freedom of punishment or somehow killing the criminal, it’s never sure that nobody will harm those falsely accused people, even it’ll be easier to clear her path. And lastly, it’ll be a genocide for a society.
So, this provision does contain effectiveness but with lots of negative sides. Otherwise, we can make sure to fast and correct delivery of judgement towards the accused. Applying a short term injury can have a effective way, so we should look forward to it without declaring freedom on punishment.