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Shumaila Siddiqui
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Fortunately yes we are moving towards the era which is not gender based for the duties of kitchen. Earlier it used to be the woman’s area, and now it is for everybody who loves to cook. We have come a long way to normalize that kitchen is not meant for only women but for everyone who needs to survive in this world. Now men are coming forward to bring the change in a society. Still in some areas or part of the society has an orthodox background who thinks that it’s a shameful act that a man is cooking in the kitchen and woman sits in the office. It is regarded as unpleasant action. I think women have played an important role for making everybody believe that she will only cook for everybody and nobody else can cook because woman have never voiced her opinion about not being able to cook for everyone at times. She also needs to be rested from kitchen for a day or month or whenever she wants to. Since ages we have treated woman as worker and discriminating them from our society like she’s only good at cooking, and she needs to be there in kitchen only and nothing else matters in her life. Nowadays, men are more supportive and encouraging towards cooking in kitchen without being offended of the fact that woman is resting, and they are doing household chores.
Nowadays, women are working, and they don’t find enough time to handle the kitchen work so their husband or even their son are helping them around with the kitchen duties. There will be great impact on our children of gender-neutral kitchen to learn that its normal to do kitchen duties whether a girl or boy. Some houses have even assigned the equal work for men and woman to do and that is such a great initiative in our society. Modernizing and evolving has changed a lot of things for everyone around, Most importantly the patriarchal norms are breaking day by day and many people are coming forward to take the initiative to end these backward norms. India is being very generous of having men around kitchen duties and as a country we are heading towards the right direction.Normalise men cooking in kitchen and not only in the master chef kitchen.