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Yes, absolutely a woman should get the right to punish the culprit. The pain a woman endures when she is raped or tortured is beyond our imagination. At that time a woman feels that why did this happen to her, why was it her fault, what did she do.
That time , the pain becomes unbearable from which a woman. Man can even not predicted it , imagination it and can feel it . It is beyond imagination thinking and pain level. At that point of time if women just want to die or kill . And when in man or any of the person who don’t even came across to that kind of situation can punish the culprit how can a government give right to religious to the police to punish that person . It’s the sole right of the women and only that women what punishment she want to give to hurt culprit.
In 2004 a group of 200 women, killed a rapist in a open court room. Because that rapist is getting bail again and again so Atlas not seeing any hope that take this wonderful step just you are right it’s a wonderful punishment given to a rapist. A man never does such a bad act like rape, without thinking or not understanding, what kind of step is this which is done with complete thinking and longing for revenge. Men believe that if they rape a woman, then her whole life will be ruined, but no, there is nothing like this now .People with such mentality should be explained that life is going to be spoiled not for that girl, but for the man who even thought of doing such a lousy thing.
People torture women, kill them, women are harassed in homes for dowry, they never understand what pain she is going through. Women are forced many times to have a child and if she has another girl then she is also expected to abort which is a very painful time for a woman..
When such lousy and shoddy deeds are done to women, how can the government take the right to punish their culprits in their own hands? When we have not gone through that problem , then how can we feel the pain of that woman and how can we punish that person. So, the sole right to punish the culprit of the women should be given to that victim , to that women only . It’s her right and to give her justice we should give her this right.