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Kitchen duty is the most hardest and responsible duty which a person has to do any woman is always supposed to perform this. But with the passes of time adaptation of modern culture thinking and understanding. Men and children also taking initiative to work in kitchen and Help the women .
Earlier there was the belief that , a woman should do all the house Chores and cook food . After marriage she has to choose House work life instead of her dreams. But with the passage of time more and more men initiating to word working at kitchen. Yes the scenario is not even now but there was a line doing something is better than doing nothing. We should not forget that , India is still struggling from modernization, for development still -India is a developing country, it is in the stage of developing, it is not developed yet. Still in some areas child marriage is happening , sexual harassment is there , women’s exploitation , violation against women is still present in the society and environment of the country which is affecting country . But still in all these circumstances the man who taking initiative to work in kitchen showing a ray of hope , that development can be possible in the India . And this step is specially taken taking place in higher class and many of the middle class family . But we cannot consider here educated people because many of the educated people act like an educated and insensible person and still spend their life in ancient believe , culture and practice .
According to the survey, Home cooking in the United States is increasing, especially among men, though women still cook much more than men. Among chefs, we discovered that 25.8% of them are women, while 70.3% are . But still, unfortunately there are very few men who cook because they feel cooking is just a women’s job and are embarrassed to do kitchen chores. Modernization and adaptation of good practices as an hue give it to push instead of wait for the result.