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Yes, I can say that slowly people are considering the kitchen as a gender-neutral place but in some rural areas still, women are present in the kitchen, men don’t even enter because they follow patriarchy, now not all women stay at home some go for work, in that case, they both men and women help each other in cooking so it can do little, some men’s love to cook and serve their family and friends, its positive change that world is moving towards the gender neutrality, traditional society never has motivated men to cook they always accept that women are made for cooking and kitchen should be in hands for her, we should not forget best chefs are male-only, and the couple should decide who willingly decide who loves cook that person it does not matter who is cooking, we have to normalize seeing men’s in kitchen and make them feel comfortable. Even parents who divide their housework responsibilities so children also learn there is no specific gender role in the house. Boys and girls should both equally be taught cooking by parents so it will promote gender neutrality. I think somewhere it’s also women’s fault she thinks How can I expect my husband to cook for me when I know cooking, I will be criticized by society this thought women should eliminate. If a boy has an interest in cooking let them go to the kitchen for cooking don’t stop them because of its girl duties. In most people, both men and women prefer to cook who gets time or who is the mood in cooking that person will cook. Women will never deny cooking if you ask, but what she dislikes that cooking is only her duty, if some men believe that way to their heart is through the stomach so then they should also learn cooking and helping their partner in the kitchen.