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ASHA (Accredited Social Health Activist) was launched in 2005 it’s a community Health worker by ministry of health and family welfare. It is generally grass root level worker means villages level workers they has colour code purple saree. And one Asha will cater to 1000 population. Most of the Asha workers are women and to work at Asha women should has permanent resident of the village and education up to 10th class. They should have good communication skills and leadership qualities. Women’s are trained with their work they first has to do inquiries about pregnant women and if their is no one in home to understand such think they explains them. 60% workers of Asha joined to support their family financial. 40% workers after joining Asha they has reputed image of workers because of which they get motivated and became inspirational. 20% of workers are don’t wish to join but due to family pressure and financial problems they joined Asha. 7% of workers has joined to be permanent employees in future. And afterwards Asha was facing biggest problem of payment and incentives for employees and in that also they have to work with coordination between health and medical department. Most of the women are working at Asha because of financial problems but they are not getting enough of payment and not getting time with family because of the work load is increasing day by day. And due to not getting payment as per the work many of workers was thinking not to join at Asha. AWW (Anganwadi workers) support will make Asha work performance better than before. But both the departments want their work on time. So almost half of the workers got support for medical officer at PHC. All the workers at Asha was accepted from panchayat to support and help them for encouraging people to have cleanliness, hygiene, sanitation and it will happen when people will construct toilet in their homes. Asha mostly faced challenges due to lack of burden towards work through which it affect on giving incentives and in that also poor transport these problems commonly faced at Asha field work.