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Women are behind the man in vaccination, and there is a gap between man and women vaccination, the reason why many women do not want to get vaccinated is lack of awareness in a rural area, tech divide gender, and most women think they don’t usually go anywhere and they have to stay at home so they are not prioritizing vaccination. Older women of age group 50 + have fear from the vaccine, they think their immunity is already strong, some women are delaying their vaccination because if they fall sick who will look after children and family members, ASHA has also planned to keep special drive women’s vaccination. some people are also spreading wrong rumors about vaccination that some people are dying because of this or women have to face complications while pregnancy it is also the reason for not taking .also men are taking vaccine because they want to go for work and they know authorities had made compulsion for vaccination. India has a skewed ratio there more males than females. Even all media channel is trying to encourage for vaccination, but some women are still not ready. A quarter of women are in labor sources so they don’t how to get register for vaccination. Also, vaccination trials are going on for pregnant women will soon start. If people want to get free from pandemics soon, we need to start getting ourselves a vaccination. we can help our workers or maids who come at home by getting them registered and companies can take Initiative of all their employees and their family vaccination. Women who have to get a vaccination should share their experience with their friends and family, making them aware of the side effects of the vaccines so they mentally prepare its also with other people. Women need to show they are strong by getting vaccinated.