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Marital rape is the sexual contact between husband and wife where they are legal partners but the wife doesn’t give consent for this but still is carried on. Rapes are considered crimes because it’s done by an unknown person to another and is reported and legal actions are also conducted but marital rape is not considered a crime, why?
Because it’s between a known person or because it’s between husband and wife and is fair to have sexual intercourse just because they are legally husband-wife and ‘CONSENT’ doesn’t matter, because it is assumed and old untold rule that husband has all right over her wife in all matters be it family decisions or sexual life or family planning, etc. but that’s not it should be, because being partners doesn’t mean one should be ruling over other and following superiority over other.
Marital rape is not taken seriously makes male dominance over female and being mostly a patriarchal society makes a man ruling, and they consider themselves in a superior position than their wives because according to traditional thinking it is said that men can do anything and have a whole right over her wife, so it gives rises to more inequality and these issues keep on increasing and it affects women’s mentally, physically, behaviorally.
Women’s consent matters and should be considered because both partners hold an equal position in marriage. Marital rape is still not looked at as a serious issue and is sided topic in India but many countries have laws and our country should consider this as an important area to discuss and solve this issue.