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Apoorva Pathak
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ASHA full form stands for accredited social health activist. These are local women who are trained in health education and how to promote health knowledge in their community. Their many problems which ASHA worker face during their job period. As they are ill-equipped they not able to administer problems in a better way, lack of resources, the amount of hard work they do and the salaries they get is not satisfactory because they lose the enthusiasm to do good things in society and also leads to failure of targets given.

During this pandemic also ASHA worker was doing their work but they not efficient in their work as they are not provided with proper safety gears which can protect them from this virus. These women are often ill-treated in their community males of the village try to avoid them and tease them. There are many cases of rape of Asha workers in the rural area. These workers are not given proper protection. During pandemic central government has included them in the frontline worker section as they have active participation in eliminating this virus and also make them administer vaccination jab early. But still, there are many difficulties they have to face when they go out for work and make aware people of the rural area about health and sanitation.

In some backward rural area, it is considered that these ASHA workers are destroying their religious ethic and they are not allowed to enter the village. They are beaten up and abused. To make a more powerful health system in our country we need to focus on these primary health care workers who are doing a great job. They walk miles and miles to educate people about health. They should be given proper care and financial support to encourage them and make health a priority in our country.