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No, there should not be seprate schools for boys and girls. Seprate schools for boys and girls have no point in existence, putting children in co-ed schools that belong to both boys and girls can help in creating an equal society. People generally think that their children being in a co-ed school is a threat to their respect in the society, because it creates distraction among the students. But that’s not true. What’s true is that being in a co-ed school helps children, developing an ability to understand and learn about both the sexes, helps in creating mutual respect among both the genders, helps better at standing in front of people to speak out your views. Co-ed schools are a junction that better prepare girls and boys for their future jobs to perform together. They learn to work together which is what they would probably have to do for the rest of their lives. Studying with both male and female classmates helps you learn more about their different opinions and help you better deal with the society outside.
Even boys in the co-ed schools learn better to respect women in future, stand equally amongst them and not superemize them with their gender